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Linger in Silence

Willesden Gallery
26 September - 07 October 2023


​Blair Luo
​Lan Ying
Ran Zhu


Juliet Aaltonen
Shangyu Cai
Ülkü Çağlayan
Jessica Woo Jung Ghil
Xin Hui Hu
Jinju Koo
Sara Osman

Press Release

"Life regains its playful element when it relates to itself instead of subordinating itself to an external purpose. What must be won back is contemplative rest."

– Byung-Chul Han

In the cacophony of contemporary society, ‘Linger in Silence’ beckons you to embrace a state of contemplative rest. Featuring six artists whose works delve into how silence acts as an antidote for a society driven by the incessant demand for production and the imperative to respond to an ever- evolving present, this exhibition seeks to foster a dialectical silence that becomes an essential component of the dialogue.

Silence is not absolute but relational; it serves as a fluid mediation that allows individuals to refocus on their intrinsic essence rather than being solely governed by society's imposed objectives. It offers an alternative to the unrelenting pace of the present: What if the present moment embraced a lingering, contemplative silence?

Through diverse artistic mediums and approaches, 'Linger in Silence' introduces silence that transcends mere mental states. It evolves into a transformative and poetic act of resistance, imbued with tension and deep significance. In silence one can become opaque to the other, live fully amidst the void, and find eternity in the transience of our being. It is within these serene interludes that life regains its strength, its vibrancy, its poetry.

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