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Nigh Boat

Fitzrovia Gallery
15th - 20th August 2023


​Haijia Blair Luo
​Lan Ying
Ran Zhu


Lucas Ferreira
Jinju Koo
Song Lee
Changpeng Li
Yujie Li
Ava Tribušon Ovsenik
Dana Powell
Liberty Quinn
Unu Sohn
Rebecca Tucker

Press Release

“Oh to enter reality like a boat does the night!” – Etel Adnan, Surge

Life’s constant hustle often leads to an undercurrent of tension spreading throughout our existence. The elusive horizon, which once defined the purpose of our transient existence, has been eradicated in favour of a default emotional state that arises from the privatisation of time. Even in opposing the sources of our tension, we continue to toil, underscoring our entanglement within the societal machinery.

The nocturnal realm becomes a window through which we dare to engage with our vulnerability, just as a boat dares to glide into the night – gentle, tranquil, and unflinchingly brave. It is here that we grapple with uncertainty, traverse the unknown, and embark on the journey of self-discovery.

‘Night Boat,’ seeks to encapsulate these myriad perspectives through transformative experiences that mirror the shift from day to night. It represents a transition from misconceptions and illusions to a clearer, albeit complex, understanding of our own realities. Drawing inspiration from Etel Adnan, who courageously confronted the silence of death with her lyrical prose at the age of ninety-three, we too seek to explore the resonance of night – a time when the end is not just an end, but a threshold between dusk and dawn.

This exhibition brings you to a time of introspection, a space for tender confrontation with self, be it in wakefulness or sleep. It is within this silent refuge, this all-encompassing darkness, that we immerse ourselves to fathom a reality both real and dear.

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