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Deadline: Sunday 14th April 2024, 11:59 pm BST
Exhibition Dates: 21st May - 25th May 2024

Greatorex Street

10 Greatorex St, London E1 5NF

“The space we love is unwilling to remain permanently enclosed. It deploys and appears to move elsewhere without difficulty; into other times, and on different planes of dream and memory.” – Gaston Bachelard, “House and Universe,” The Poetics of Space

The exhibition aims to explore spaces beyond their physical dimensions as static arrangements of surfaces. Our experiences, memories, and imaginations always overlay the space because we bring them with us; we inhabit the space, transcending its geometric dimensions. “Always container, sometimes contained.” Just as Bachelard sees the house as the portal to metaphors of imagination, we see the exhibition space as a portal to portals, a site of contingent relations, a space to imagine it otherwise. On the overlapping fields of dream and memory, we find intimacy and security within the dynamic state of flux.


To submit your application, please read carefully the following information and complete the submission form found at the bottom of this page.



Terms & Conditions 



  • All mediums will be considered and there are no size restrictions.

  • All artists are welcome to submit their work for the exhibition (If you are not based in the UK, please be aware that you will be responsible for the delivery and return of your artwork).


Specification and Requirements 

  • Artists may submit up to 5 distinct pieces of work for consideration. 

  • Images should be uploaded directly to the form.

  • Artists should be responsible for delivering their artworks to Greatorex Street, along with any insurance. 

  • Artworks submitted for exhibition must be fully prepared for display. In case framing is necessary, artists are required to undertake this task prior to the installation of the exhibition. 

  • TRA Collective will retain a 30% commission total on all sales made during the exhibition. Please take it into account when pricing your artworks.

  • Artworks are not required to be for sale, if your submitted pieces are not to be sold please specify that it’s “NFS” in the submission form. 

  • Artists will be required to deliver their work on the 20th May 2024 to Greatorex Street. 


Important Dates 

  • The deadline for submitting your open call application is 14th April 2024, 11:59 pm BST. 

  • The exhibition will be installed on 20th and 21st May 2024.

  • The private view is 6 - 8 pm, 21st May 2024.

  • The selected artists will be contacted through email.


Liability and Photography 

  • Although artworks will be handled with care and invigilation will be provided whilst the exhibition is open to the public, TRA Collective cannot be responsible for loss or damage to artworks, and artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance.

  • TRA Collective reserves the right to photograph artwork during the event and use images of the artwork for publicity and educational purposes in perpetuity. The artist agrees to the above-mentioned terms by submitting artwork via this open call.


Image Standards 

  • Please title your image files before uploading them to the form with “Artist name, Artwork title, Year, Medium, Dimensions (cm), Price (£ or NFS).”

  • Images must show the exact work you are submitting and the artwork must be complete. Please do not submit works in progress.

  • If you wish to submit video works, please create a video link and paste it into the form. 



  • The submission fee is £15 (non-refundable) to submit up to 5 individual pieces or less. More details can be found in the submission form.

  • The fee ensures that TRA Collective is sustainable and can commit to this exhibition and future exhibitions to come. We appreciate your support. 

  • Artists do not pay extra fees to participate in the exhibition.

  • The artworks in the exhibition will be selected and curated by TRA Collective.

Thank you for considering submitting your work for this open call. If you have any questions, having any trouble with the submission form or simply want to talk about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us on instagram @tracollective or email us at

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